IDB Launches Bootcamps for Tech Fans

IDB Launches Bootcamps for Tech Fans

IDB launches “Bootcamps for Tech Fans“, an open call for proposals to select the most innovative Ready-to-Work Bootcamp models that work with vulnerable populations and technology in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The winners will be considered by IDB Lab to implement a project of up to US$1.5 million in financing.

The challenge is open to any entity legally registered in any of the 26 IDB borrowing member countries, as well as organizations outside the region with a local partner in one of the borrowing countries. Submit your proposals before April 10, 2019 in one of the two categories of the challenge: Mature or Incipient Bootcamp Models.


“Ready-to-Work Bootcamps” are a new, low-cost alternative to traditional university education programs aimed at people with no previous experience in coding and IT skills who want to gain these highly demanded skills at an accelerated and intense pace in a short period to make them immediately employable in high-demand jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), through the Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB Lab), is looking for the best proposals to implement innovative Ready-to-Work Bootcamp models that benefit vulnerable or harder-to-reach populations due to geography, poverty or other forms of exclusion, such as youth at-risk of social exclusion, indigenous groups, disabled, women, among others, and have the potential for replication and scaling up.


Proposals will be chosen in two different categories:

  • Mature Bootcamp models, with at least a two-year track record of results in terms of job placement rates, salaries of graduated students and strong ties to industry needs, among others, that are ready to scale and reach thousands of people.
  • Incipient Bootcamp models, with a minimum operating track record of one year, and targeting vulnerable or harder-to-reach populations.


Qualifying entities will be considered by IDB Lab to implement a development project to pilot mature or incipient Bootcamp models. The funding requests will not exceed US$1.5 million, and the type of financing (grant, loans or other type of reimbursable financing) will be determined after the selection of the best proposals. Note that the proponent entity should contribute or be able to demonstrate access to funds for the other 50% of the project budget. For details see guidelines.


Entities legally registered in one of the 26 borrowing member countries of the IDB in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as organizations outside of the Latin American and the Caribbean region that have an implementing partner legally registered in one of the 26 IDB borrowing member countries are invited to participle in the challenge. Entities eligible to participate include social enterprises, NGOs, non-profits, academic, educational and training institutions (public and private), and private firms offering Ready-to-Work Bootcamps as described above.

Source: IDB LAB


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