When Disaster Strikes

Changing the narrative

Prone to natural disasters, throughout Haiti’s history, it has suffered from cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, torrential rains, floods, and earthquakes. The hurricane season in Haiti lasts from June to the end of November.

Where we stand

Centre NGO aims to help first responders to better use their resources before a natural disaster so that they are well prepared when it does strike their community or the whole country.
What can your Organization do?

Reseach the market (Are there local NGOs doing what you are doing? Are there local stores to purchase the materials you need? Is there a NEED for your organization?)

What can the government do?

Create a plan of action based on the most affected to least affected. Designate qualified institutions to be first responders.
What can the international community do?

#PrayforHaiti does not help Haiti. Before you send any supplies, think twice. There are local businesses that MOST supplies can be purchased from and distributed to local NGOs. We applaud your volunteerism; however, we encourage you to show respect to those affected and not post on social media.

What can the community do?

Every community has their own culture thus volunteerism is not prevalent in every corner of the country. Nevertheless, we encourage community outreach to start with the youth to rebuild communities.

When shit hits the fan?

Eureka, you’ve failed!


Take responsibility for your failures.

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Get over it

It’s okay to ask for help when needed.

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New beginnings

Failures lead to growth and innovation with a little help.

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