Registration Requirement

To Register as an Association local or foreign, an individual must register in the office of the Ministère des affaires sociales et du travail (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor)

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Article 7- The statutes of any association constituted on the Haitian territory must contain:

  • Names, addresses, identification number or registration number;
  • Tax of the founders;
  • The name, purpose, objectives, duration, registered office of the Association;
  • The organizational structure;
  • The rights and obligations of the members;
  • The powers of the assemblies;
  • The attributions of the leaders;
  • The conditions for admission and removal of members;
  • The source of the heritage, if any;
  • Electoral procedures and procedures;
  • Dispute resolution and litigation procedures;
  • Determination of causes and methods of dissolution;
  • Disposition of property in the event of dissolution.

Foreign Association

Foreign Associations Foreign associations are subject to the same rules as NGOs. The procedure of approval is almost identical: the decree of September 14, 1989 contains certain provisions, such as the obligation for 1/3 of the members of the board of directors to be of Haitian nationality, and certain limitations and obligations made to foreigners.
Article 17
A foreign association, within the framework of the present law, any association whose head office is established abroad or which is incorporated outside the Haitian territory under foreign law.
Article 18
A foreign association established on the national territory that is governed by this law.