Month: June 2022

The World Bank has approved $20 million to improve the delivery of primary health care services in Haiti.

Originally published by the World Bank-June 16, 2022 The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today an additional financing of US$20 million for the Strengthening of Primary Health Care and Surveillance in Haiti Project (PROSYS), which aims to increase utilization of primary health care services in selected geographical areas, and strengthen disease surveillance capacity,…
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Local Action for Global Good-Why & How to Embrace CBOs/CSOs

Our world has been through a lot in just the last few years, and it can sometimes seem like it’s not going to get any easier any time soon. From the covid-19 pandemic to the shutdowns and lock-ins and every other difficulty and hardship that has come since then, humanity has been through the wringer. …
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Haiti might see 19 storms, including four hurricanes, this hurricane season. How can you help?

Cyclones, hurricanes and tropical storms, heavy rain, and flooding are only a few of the natural calamities that have ravaged Haiti throughout its history, as well as political turmoil. From the middle of June through the end of November, Haiti experiences its annual hurricane season. Authorities have warned that 19 tropical storms, including four hurricanes,…
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