12 Companies Leading the Way in Nonprofit

12 Companies Leading the Way in Nonprofit

Nonprofits are more vital than ever in generating positive change as the globe continues to face a slew of social, environmental, and economic crises. While many charitable organizations need more resources to meet their objectives, a few exceptional enterprises are making a significant difference. In this post, we will highlight 12 charity organizations leading the way in Haiti and worldwide. These organizations are making a difference in the world and motivating others to do the same, from education and healthcare to poverty reduction and environmental conservation.

In Haiti

National Society of the Haitian Red Cross

Founded on May 29, 1932, the National Society of the Haitian Red Cross was a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on June 15, 1935 and recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross on September 19, 1935. The National Society of the Haitian Red Cross acts as an auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field.

It provides a range of services, particularly in the health, social and disaster relief sectors, and provides assistance to people affected by conflict. It has 13 regional branches, 92 local committees and around 10,000 volunteers.

Preventing and alleviating human suffering in complete impartiality, without distinction of race, nationality, sex, social class, religion or political opinion, is the legal object of the creation of the National Society of the Cross. Red Haitian whose essential mission is to:

  • Act during armed conflicts and to prepare for them in times of peace, as an auxiliary of the public health services in all the fields provided for by the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols and in favor of all the victims of armed conflicts , both civilian and military;
  • Contribute to the improvement of health, the prevention of illnesses and accidents and the alleviation of suffering through training and mutual assistance programs at the service of the community adapted to national and local needs and conditions;
  • Prepare to organize emergency relief services for the victims of disasters of any kind; arouse the interest and promote the participation of children and young people in Red Cross activities
  • Promote the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) within the population, particularly among children and young people, the ideals of peace, respect and mutual understanding between all men and all peoples;
  • Work and collaborate with the public authorities to respect International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and ensure the protection of the emblem of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and the Red Crystal;
  • Have a National Service for the Restoration of Family Links responsible for facilitating communication and reunification, if necessary, between family members displaced for any reason whatsoever.

Support Group for Returnees and Refugees

The Support Group for Returnees and Refugees (GARR) is a Haitian non-governmental organization that fights against the discrimination and injustice suffered by Haitians abroad. The GARR aims to advocate for the change of certain policies, practices and laws unfavorable to immigrants and to promote good relations between peoples, particularly between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Support Group for Repatriates and Refugees was created in August 1991, following the decision of the President of the Dominican Republic to expel from its territory any person suspected of Haitian nationality. Between June and September 1991, more than 75,000 people had been expelled in this way. Faced with this situation, a dozen Haitian and foreign NGOs decided to coordinate their efforts to contribute to the management of the human tragedy.

Action Toward Initiatives and Volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH)

Action Toward Initiatives and Volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH) is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by three Haitian students: Daphnee Charles, Ronel Lefranc and Anne Martine Augustin following their participation in the WISE Learners’ Voice program with the objectives of mobilize Haitian students to participate in the development of their country. Their mission is to harness the passion and potential of students as a force for change for Haiti and to develop professional internships and goodwill volunteer opportunities for community development programs in Haiti.

ACTIVEH really that:

  • Every young person should have the chance and the tools to fulfill their potential
  • Effective and community leadership triggers development
  • The passion and energy of young people are catalysts for social transformation

In the United States

Haitian Centers Council, Inc. (HCC)

Haitian Centers Council, Inc. (HCC) has been a trusted source for the most underserved and vulnerable (immigrants, seniors, and working poor) for over four decades and is a community leader in providing access to free educational resources, linkage to direct care, preventative, and social support services to a large Caribbean population regardless of socioeconomic status. Over the past four decades, the community members they served have shaped the organization’s direction, vision, and values as we continue to build a strong and resilient community, promote equality, and collaborate with a network of community partners to address the most pressing health and racial injustices in our community’s system. They believe that wellbeing begins with self-care and an investment in making the environment safe for everyone.

Haiti Cultural Exchange

Haiti Cultural Exchange is a nonprofit organization established to develop, present, and promote the cultural expressions of the Haitian people.

Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) was founded in 2009 by seven Haitian women with the aim to create a permanent presence for Haitian Arts & Culture in our city. Their programs in the arts, education and public affairs raise awareness of social issues and foster cultural understanding within and beyond the Haitian community. Their activities deepen appreciation of the rich diversity of Haitian arts culture in New York City—one of the primary outposts of the Haitian diaspora—and provide opportunities for artists of Haitian descent to develop and present their work.

Haitian Americans United for Progress

The Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc (HAUP) is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to empowering and serving the community. HAUP provides a supportive environment through education, training, culture, networking opportunities, and other support services, that allows members of the community to successfully adapt and thrive.

HAUP has been committed to helping individuals and families enhance their quality of life. HAUP is a multi-program organization, providing support for individuals who are seeking Immigration, Educational, and Health Services, while also assisting those with Special Needs. HAUP offers a free, full-day Pre-K program to students who are 4 years old. They have expanded over the years and currently offer a multitude of services throughout the entire Tri-State Area.

In Canada

World Vision Canada

World Vision Canada is a global non-profit organization and the number one among the largest non-profit organizations in Canada and was created for relief and development worldwide, this organization works in partnership with families, children and communities to reach their potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

This organization was founded in the 1950s by Bob Pierce after helping a little girl with $5 in her pocket, since then the organization has been involved in various charities helping those affected by famines, wars etc. This organization has helped more than 4 million children in more than 100 countries.

Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal

The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal is a Jewish organization created for the primary purpose of helping other non-profit humanitarian organizations raise funds, as most of their funds go to other organizations. It is one of the best on the list of non-profit organizations in Canada.

They also offer student scholarships, as well as grants and loans; this company has existed for nearly fifty years. It is one of the most transparent nonprofits because their financial transactions are all open to the public to view and evaluate.


CanadaHelps is a registered charity and social enterprise that provides some of the best fundraising technology for all charities and is one of many not-for-profit organizations in Canada. With a mission to inform, inspire and connect charities with donors to improve the movement of funds from volunteer donors to charitable groups.

Over the years since CanadaHelps was founded, over 3 million people have donated over $1.7 billion to charities through them. CanadaHelps has been around for over 20 years and over 20,000 charities rely on them or donations.

In France

Fédération de la Diaspora Haitienne d’Europe

The Fédération de la Diaspora Haitienne d’Europe is an organization dedicated to improving the image and living situations of Haitians in Europe. They work to supervise, guide, represent, and defend the rights and interests of Haitians living in Europe, both within and outside of the continent. They also hope to be a competent intermediary between European, Haitian, and international organizations for all Haitians living in Europe. Furthermore, the organization aspires to bring Haitian Diaspora expertise closer to Haitian governmental institutions and to participate in debates and decisions affecting Haitian populations in Europe. They also take particular activities with reference to young Haitians born or living in Europe to stimulate their passion and commitment to Haiti. The group promotes Haitian history and culture whenever possible, while also encouraging members of Haitian communities in Europe to integrate into their host nations. Furthermore, they seek support for organizations that carry out projects in Haiti or a European country and are sensitive to the needs and claims of Haitian populations in Europe.



Oteci is an association law 1901 which welcomes and brings together in a friendly atmosphere active retirees mainly ex executives and ex managers. Oteci engages seniors to share their knowledge and positively support the evolution of society through skills volunteering, an ambition expressed by their signature “reinventing ourselves together”. The members, volunteer senior experts, most often work on the missions of organizations that do not have the possibility of having recourse to the commercial sector.


Created in 1871, Aurore was recognized as a public utility in 1875, the Aurore association welcomes and supports people in precarious or excluded situations towards autonomy through accommodation, care and social and professional integration. 

Aurore relies on her experience to propose and experiment with innovative forms of care, which adapt to the evolution of precariousness and exclusion phenomena. In 2021, the association supported nearly 139,000 people.

With their innovative and effective work, the 12 companies described in this article serve as a model for the nonprofit sector. They are effecting positive change in their work through their dedication and determination. Not only are these organizations making a difference in their community, but they also inspire others to take action and contribute to social responsibility. Clearly, there are a great deal more. As the nonprofit sector continues to change, it is essential to recognize and support groups like these that are paving the way in making the world a better place for everybody. Together, we can create a more equal, sustainable, and just society for future generations.


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