Month: June 2018

Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising – April 28 2017

Permission to reprint from AFP

Aquatabs Haiti

As the Caribbean hurricane season rolls around, memories of last year’s devastation stir throughout the region. If you wish to help here is a bit of knowledge. “An average person drinks about 2 liters of water per day and Aquatabs can provide 20L of drinkable water for about $0.027. So the cost per person per…
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10 Attitude Adjustments You Need for Raising Money

Money has no value. It just sits there. We give it value.   Raising money is powerful. It gives you the ability to do things. Don’t confuse raising money for your group with being critical of our economic system and how unfair it is to poor people.   Money is not manna from heaven. We…
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Mission Statement Exercise

  Assert the dominant value the organization believes in. (Afirme valè e pozisyon òganizasyon an kote li kanpe.) Describe briefly the conditions preventing the fulfillment of the value. (Dekri kondisyon yo ki anpeche pwogrè valè òganizasyon  an.) State briefly what needs to be done to alleviate the conditions identified. (Deklare kisa ki bezwen fèt pou…
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Bottled Water Companies to Know in Haiti

Hurricane season is swiftly approaching, instead of purchasing and shipping bottled water to Haiti, here is a list to better help you. Purchase the bottled water locally and have them distributed to local organizations.