10 Attitude Adjustments You Need for Raising Money

10 Attitude Adjustments You Need for Raising Money

  • Money has no value. It just sits there. We give it value.


  • Raising money is powerful. It gives you the ability to do things. Don’t confuse raising money for your group with being critical of our economic system and how unfair it is to poor people.


  • Money is not manna from heaven. We just finished Passover where the Jews, after being liberated from the Pharaoh, wandered in the desert and the bible says God sent manna from heaven. But money isn’t like that. We must actively go after it.


  • As you do organizing and have to raise money you may get frustrated. Be mad at funders if you want. Rail against the system if you want. Find safe trusted people and vent about all your frustrations and all that is unfair about raising money.


  • And then???? Get over it. Move on. There is work to be done and justice to be had.


  • Learn to like it. Fundraising can be very satisfying. Demonstrating that you like fundraising-it’s contagious in a good way to other staff, board, leaders and members.


  • Money is the root of all evil? The actual quote is the love of money is the root of all evil. It is a quote from St. Paul addressing the Philippians. The goal is to be in the right relationship with money.


  • Practice deep listening with your community, leaders, and donors. I know you learned about 1-l’s which is all about listening. Invoke the power of sharing good, illustrative and effective stories. Such as competitive communities, good for business, keeps families in the community) Be donor-centric . That is, focus on what will resonate with the donor.


  • If you have any kind of budget you must build fundraising into all your work: Program. Membership. Fundraising, Communication­-all go hand in hand.


  • Four best, most effective words in fundraising: “Join me” and “thank  you.”

Source: Marjorie Fine


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