Local Action for Global Good-Why & How to Embrace CBOs/CSOs

Local Action for Global Good-Why & How to Embrace CBOs/CSOs

Our world has been through a lot in just the last few years, and it can sometimes seem like it’s not going to get any easier any time soon. From the covid-19 pandemic to the shutdowns and lock-ins and every other difficulty and hardship that has come since then, humanity has been through the wringer. 

Still, it is said and believed that times of adversity also produce strong people capable of coming together to create a call to action for global good on the local levels for those who cannot help themselves.

CBOs and CSOs

A great example of this is the various nonprofit organizations that work to help rebuild countries and regions like Haiti after its citizens have been devastated by countless natural disasters. The majority of relief and rebuilding efforts for the people of Haiti mainly were done through the use of CBOs and CSOs

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are essentially nonprofit organizations that work on the local level to bring much-needed improvements to their local community. They are generally formed and maintained mostly by volunteers, as any money that is donated and brought into the CBO comes with the intention that it will be used to grow and improve the local community as needed.

  • The great thing about having CBOs throughout a place or region such as Haiti is that the people that tend to form these locally run organizations know the problems and hardships that need to be considered priority problems as they are heavily involved in their communities.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can be thought of to be any sort of charity organization, religious organization, non-governmental developmental organizations, and advocacy groups. These organizations can be of great help at the local level because they have access to greater resources both in the financial aspect and the networking aspect to bring in more local help if a CBO is unable to gather the needed resources and people to complete a particular local help project on their own.

Local Action for Global Good

There is a great need for local communities to come together to work for the global good. When natural disasters are a constant threat to regions like Haiti, there will always be a need for good people to come together to help rebuild and restore their neighbors through the means and resources at the hands of nonprofit organizations such as CBOs and CSOs.

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