Yes, It Matters To Do Your Research on Haiti’s Social Sector Before Starting A Venture

Yes, It Matters To Do Your Research on Haiti’s Social Sector Before Starting A Venture

Let us baptize you with knowledge.

Haiti is perceived as the Republic of NGOs where international nonprofits have their own class system in the country. Many international nonprofits fail to do their research, not just nonprofits, but celebrities, athletes, as well the diaspora lacks time to invest in research and development (R&D).  We’ve seen it countless times, where yes you may have the best intentions; however, your executions are entirely wrong. Building yet another football arena is not what Haiti needs, another volunteer trip also isn’t what they are looking for. Our people are somewhat gullible where we see the good in almost everyone.  

If it is a photo-op you are looking for, try to leave your phone at the hotel and actually investing your time and skills to the initiative.

Why R&D matter?

Just like a for-profit organization, they will invest in research and development to analyze the market they wish to venture in, well this also apply to nonprofit organizations. Apart from Haiti’s case, this will be a tad bit difficult, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t local organizations such as Associations & Foundations doing the same thing you wish to do on the grounds.

“Research is the riskiest financing area because both the development of an invention and its successful realization carries uncertainty including the profitability of the invention.”

Overall, treat your nonprofit as a for-profit organization.

So, yes, Haiti is prone to natural disasters, and our mitigation plans need a lot of work–but will your organization be enough to help? Will your “stardom” make any sustainable change? And what is your real purpose in Haiti?



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