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Developing a Successful Grant Proposal

Whether you are going to write a grant proposal for a government agency or a private funder, such as a foundation or corporation, the components of the proposal are quite similar. The amount of detail required may be considerably different, but the basic elements are generally the same. Most grantmakers have instructions on how you…
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Creating a Logic Model

Yes, It Matters To Do Your Research on Haiti’s Social Sector Before Starting A Venture

Let us baptize you with knowledge. Haiti is perceived as the Republic of NGOs where international nonprofits have their own class system in the country. Many international nonprofits fail to do their research, not just nonprofits, but celebrities, athletes, as well the diaspora lacks time to invest in research and development (R&D).  We’ve seen it…
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Mission Statement Exercise

  Assert the dominant value the organization believes in. (Afirme valè e pozisyon òganizasyon an kote li kanpe.) Describe briefly the conditions preventing the fulfillment of the value. (Dekri kondisyon yo ki anpeche pwogrè valè òganizasyon  an.) State briefly what needs to be done to alleviate the conditions identified. (Deklare kisa ki bezwen fèt pou…
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