Local Nonprofits

Local Nonprofits

Local nonprofits to know in Haiti:

 Jèn Mapou

Jèn Mapou is the largest platform for discovering opportunities for young people in Haiti around the world. It is a platform that provides young Haitians in Haiti and the Diaspora with the latest opportunities for educational content that are free and available for continued personal development. This personal development will undoubtedly have an overall impact. Jèn Mapou’s mission is to find outlets for Haitian youth to promote their full development for the progress of Haiti.









Association pour la Promotion de la Sante Integrale de la Famille (APROSIFA)


APROSIFA is a community-based organization working in the health and community organization field in Carrefour-Feuilles and Martissant neighborhoods




Asosyasyon Fanm Kore Fanm

FANM KORE FANM is an Association created by women and men from different backgrounds, to focus on problems women face.


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