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AmplifyChange @ Women Deliver 2019 Opportunity Grant: Inviting Women-led Civil Society Organisations

Applicants are invited to apply for the AmplifyChange @ Women Deliver 2019 Opportunity Grant to support women-led organisations who, as part of a wider existing or a new movement, seek to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. Outcomes should be focused on building stronger SRHR movements and working collaboratively to improve SRHR outcomes. In…
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Faith-Based Nonprofits and Congregations

The topic that has generated more research in recent years about religion than almost any other concerns the role of so-called faith-based nonprofit organizations. Besides the more than three hundred thousand local congregations that presently exist in the United States, thousands of faith-based nonprofit organizations have been founded in recent years (Scott 2002). These are…
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Faith-Based Nonprofits Versus Haiti

Our mission is “to facilitate the intellectual, spiritual, and character development of Haitians who demonstrate leadership potential and to assist them in becoming self-supporting, responsible, community-minded members of their society.” –Haiti Share Inc.   “We promote the gospel of Jesus by encouraging Haitian children and adults to work with their local church body to help…
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