IDB launches 2020 Call for Proposals for Regional Projects in Latin America and Caribbean

IDB launches 2020 Call for Proposals for Regional Projects in Latin America and Caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has launched the 2020 Call for Proposals for the Regional Public Goods (RPG) Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean, which supports projects involving three or more countries.

The RPG Initiative provides technical grants to finance solutions to shared challenges through regional cooperation. Since 2004, the RPG Initiative has financed more than US$130 million for 180 projects.

The Regional Public Goods Initiative (the “Initiative”) of the Inter-American Development Bank C’IDB” or “the Bank”) is based on the premise that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (“LAC’) share numerous development challenges and opportunities that can be addressed more effectively and efficiently at a regional level through collective action and cooperation. The Initiative is also a response to the increasing importance of South-South cooperation (“SSC”) in the development agenda of LAC countries and the IDB, who is committed to be an active partner in development through a South-South led learning and cooperation process.

Focus Areas

  • Gender equality and diversity;
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability;
  • Institutional capacity and the rule of law.

Size of Grants

  • The size of the grant typically ranges between US$500.000 and US$ 750.000 per project.
  • The period to implement an RPG project will be of a maximum of three (3) years.

Eligible Expenses

The Initiative may finance the following expenses:

  • Consulting fees, understood as national or international individual or firms;
  • Travel and per diem expenses for national and international consultants hired under the project, and staff of participating institutions to attend project-related meetings, workshops and training events;
  • Costs of organizing meetings, including simultaneous interpretation and related support services (technical support), secretarial services required to organize and/or conduct meetings; rental of equipment necessary and purchase of certain meeting-related supplies, etc.;
  • Publication/reproduction of documents and materials, including printing, editing, translation, distribution of documents and materials and the right to reproduce them (copyright), provided that this documentation results from, or is used in, project-related activities;
  • Project evaluation and audit (mandatory requirement for all projects).

Eligibility Criteria

The following entities are eligible to submit proposals:

  • Public national, sub-national and local institutions in the IDB’s borrowing member countries with legal capacity to enter into agreements with the Bank.
  • Private, non-profit entities that are legally established in one of the IDB’s borrowing member countries.
  • Latin American and/or Caribbean regional or sub-regional institutions with legal capacity to enter into agreements with the IDB.

Selection Criteria

  • Strategic relevance: The strategic relevance of an RPG proposal will be determined by its alignment with the IDB’s goals. objectives and priorities in a sector and/or country/subregion. Proposals that address cross-cutting issues of the Update to the Institutional Strategy 2016-2019 will be evaluated positively (gender equality and diversity; climate change and environmental sustainability, and institutional capacity and the rule of law). If the alignment condition is fulfilled, the assessment will further consider (i) a proposal’s consistency with current regional challenges/opportunities, such as intraregional migration; (ii) the consistency between challenge/opportunity and the response that is being proposed; and (iii) the needs and priorities of the beneficiary countries and stakeholder groups, as expressed in the letters of commitment that document the countries’ willingness to work together on a topic.
  • Regional value-added: Proponents will need to rigorously spell out the value-added of a regional versus a national approach.
  • Sustainability: Proposals will be assessed against the prospects of sustaining or in some cases reaping the benefits of an RPG once the support of the program has ended. In many cases, the ultimate benefits of the RPG do not materialize until regional agreements are being implemented (mostly at the national level), which may require substantial investments. Therefore, proponents will be asked to articulate the possibilities and conditions of sustaining the project’s results and fully realizing its benefits.


Proposals may be submitted in Spanish or English.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply online via given website.

Deadline Date – 15-Apr-2020

For more information, visit IDB.


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