Haiti International Alliance Inc

Haiti International Alliance Inc
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Haiti International Alliance, Inc. (HIA) is a humanitarian-based organization that is working to improve the lives of the people of Haiti.  HIA was formed in
2010 by Dr. Jean Rigaud Amilcar Antoine (Pastor Rigaud) in order to oversee the operation of his numerous ministries in Haiti.In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, HIA maintains the following primary areas of assistance.

   Bethlehem Evangelical Baptist Church was started on September 2, 1984 by Pastor Rigaud, his wife Melande, and their children Jean Caleb and Jean
   Ricot in a small building in Port-au-Prince close to where they are now located.  They outgrew that building very quickly and held services in the street.
   Pastor Rigaud was called to a meeting at the office of the President of Haiti and given the land where Bethlehem Evangelical Baptist Church and College
   Jean Rigaud Antoine are currently located.  Bethlehem Evangelical Baptist Church has approximately 2000 people who attend church services each                Sunday.



What We Do
Haiti International Alliance is involved in Haiti in the following areas:

Spiritual Care
Orphan Care (through a partnership with Wayom Timoun)
Medical Care

Our Mission:
Haiti International Alliance exists to provide food, housing, education, and medical care for children in the local communities but focuses primarily on the orphans of Haiti.Our Vision:
To bring resources and infrastructure to targeted areas of Haiti with an ultimate goal of helping to stabilize the core issues of employment, shelter, and food - while assisting the growth of the economy.Our Core Values:
 • Compassion
• Care
• Benevolence
• Ethical Standards

Business Address
Haiti International Alliance
PO Box 641289
Miami, Florida 33164-1289