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Address: 31 LEONARD ST
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Greening Haiti Fund is an organization devoted to the reforestation of Haiti through education and tree planting in the small villages of Fond des Blancs

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Address: KM 78, Rt. National #1
Enface Decameron
Montrouis, Haiti

Konbit Haiti
PO Box 1227
Montrose, AL. 36559
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Konbit Haiti exists to develop the poorest and most marginalized in society. We empower impoverished communities to create sustainable change by developing the family, business, and the environment.

We work with locals to provide the opportunities they need to change their environment. Our current focus is on the poorer and neglected communities in Montrouis, Haiti, and the remote mountain villages behind the city.

We partner with the local community to provide the opportunities for an under resourced community to grow holistically. We aim to help develop the unmet needs in a community by partnering with locals for sustained transformation. We do so by focusing on:

a) The Family: Breakdown of the family environment can lead to sever attrition of a communities health. We focus on helping local families by training and empowering them in order to help restore communities ability to sustain and develop themselves. Konbit Haiti currently impacts the family by training women, children, and couples via annual conferences and after school programs.

b) Business: We aim to help develop the local economy and support Konbit Haiti’s own operations and ministries through local business. By developing and discipling locals with the ability to run honest, innovative, and profitable businesses, we will be able to inspire and lead those within the community to also dream and innovate. By not only creating jobs, but developing local businesses, Konbit Haiti will have the ability to create a profound local impact on the community. Our main focus are those in extreme poverty, aiming to create immediate growth in the local economy. We train our staff to be leaders in the community. As we develop businesses, the indigenous leaders have more ability to disciple those coming out of cyclic poverty. Current businesses and projects include: Konbit Haiti moringa superfood products, Konbit Haiti women’s sewing co-op, local small business loans and development.

c) The Environment: Caring for and developing the earth is essential to creating the means for communities and individuals to have a self-sustainable livelihood. Konbit Haiti aims to focus on the environment in order to restore the opportunities naturally provided by the earth, we currently do so through the following efforts: locally led water, sanitation, and hygiene projects and training; recycling programs; agricultural training and development; and food co-operatives.

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My Green 509
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My Green 509 brings together artisans, agronomists, professional ecologists, environmental scientists, environmental educators and forestry experts. We are able to provide a wide range of services and products to assist both the private and public sector in addressing a variety of environmental issues and needs.

We focus on environmental change. Our main objective is to have a social impact rather than make a profit.

The University of Fondwa USA Inc
Address: 2320 Blue Bonnet Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030 USA
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UNIF-USA supports the University of Fondwa in Haiti in it’s mission to transform rural Haiti by educating and mentoring young Haitian men and women to create economic, environmental and intellectual wealth in communities.

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Tree Angels for Haiti
Address: 7445 HALLCREST DR
MCLEAN, VA 22102
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Tree Angels for Haiti is a community-lead reforestation program aimed to help decrease environmental catastrophes, diseases and poverty associated with massive tree-cutting activity in Haiti.

​We vow to contribute over a long period of time and in a sustainable way to the current reforestation efforts in Haiti, and to reduce environmental degradation through educational and neighborhood revitalization planting projects. The primary goal is to plant trees where there’s an urgent need. We wish to help establish environmental and economic stability and therefore help educate and empower the community.

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