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Action For Compassion Ministries
Address: Route National #1
Lafiteau, Ouest, Haiti
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An Organization dedicated to help local Haitian farmers building a better Haiti for its citizens.

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011-509-4433-1891; (612) 965-3950; (320)305-9182
Address: KM 78, Rt. National #1
Enface Decameron
Montrouis, Haiti

Konbit Haiti
PO Box 1227
Montrose, AL. 36559
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Konbit Haiti exists to develop the poorest and most marginalized in society. We empower impoverished communities to create sustainable change by developing the family, business, and the environment.

We work with locals to provide the opportunities they need to change their environment. Our current focus is on the poorer and neglected communities in Montrouis, Haiti, and the remote mountain villages behind the city.

We partner with the local community to provide the opportunities for an under resourced community to grow holistically. We aim to help develop the unmet needs in a community by partnering with locals for sustained transformation. We do so by focusing on:

a) The Family: Breakdown of the family environment can lead to sever attrition of a communities health. We focus on helping local families by training and empowering them in order to help restore communities ability to sustain and develop themselves. Konbit Haiti currently impacts the family by training women, children, and couples via annual conferences and after school programs.

b) Business: We aim to help develop the local economy and support Konbit Haiti’s own operations and ministries through local business. By developing and discipling locals with the ability to run honest, innovative, and profitable businesses, we will be able to inspire and lead those within the community to also dream and innovate. By not only creating jobs, but developing local businesses, Konbit Haiti will have the ability to create a profound local impact on the community. Our main focus are those in extreme poverty, aiming to create immediate growth in the local economy. We train our staff to be leaders in the community. As we develop businesses, the indigenous leaders have more ability to disciple those coming out of cyclic poverty. Current businesses and projects include: Konbit Haiti moringa superfood products, Konbit Haiti women’s sewing co-op, local small business loans and development.

c) The Environment: Caring for and developing the earth is essential to creating the means for communities and individuals to have a self-sustainable livelihood. Konbit Haiti aims to focus on the environment in order to restore the opportunities naturally provided by the earth, we currently do so through the following efforts: locally led water, sanitation, and hygiene projects and training; recycling programs; agricultural training and development; and food co-operatives.

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Olive Tree Projects (OTP)
Address: American Mailing Address
9921 Carmel Mtn Rd Suite 328
San Diego, CA, 92129

Canadian Mailing Address
PO Box 5303
Station Main
Devon, AB T9G 1Y1

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Founded by Sarah Wallace, Olive Tree Projects was created to help children in Haiti. We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is through ‘family preservation’ efforts – a term that has stemmed from a movement to keep children out of institutions.

The environment an orphanage provides cannot replace the family unit and, unfortunately, often causes harm. Children become isolated from the community and do not find the attention and care they need from the limited staff. To learn more about this issue and our philosophy visit

Our goal is to prevent the need for orphanages and keep children in a family. Maternal mortality, unwanted children, and poverty are all reasons why children end up in orphanages. We work towards preventing these issues through 3 different programs:

1. Midwifery Centre

2. Foster Care Program

3. Recycling Depot

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Profamil Haiti
Address: Boite Postale: 1493
Code Postal: HT 6120
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Fondée en 1984, l’Association pour la Promotion de la Famille Haïtienne (PROFAMIL) est la plus ancienne organisation non gouvernementale à but non lucratif, apolitique et non confessionnelle travaillant dans le domaine de la promotion de la santé de la reproduction en Haïti. Affiliée à l’IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation), elle est reconnue par l’État Haïtien comme une organisation d’aide au développement qui offre des services de qualité en santé sexuelle et reproductive à la population Haïtienne.

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509.; 509.; 509.
SOS Enfants Sans Frontières (sosesf)
Address: 56 rue de Tocqueville
75017 PARIS
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SOS Children Without Borders is an association created in 1974, whose objective is to act for the education of disadvantaged children, in a sustainable and comprehensive approach integrating the living conditions and the environment of the child.

We take care of his schooling through sponsorship programs set up in partner schools that we support in the long term. This support focuses on improving the school’s work environment through infrastructure and equipment funding as well as educational training for teaching staff.

If we consider that acting on the learning conditions of children is essential, we also want to enable families to improve their living conditions and their income in order to give them the means to finance the education of their children. For this, we respond to specific needs identified locally (development of agriculture and securing farmers’ incomes, access to water, family economy, vocational training, etc.).

The association intervenes in Haiti, Vietnam, Madagascar, Lebanon and Cameroon.

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01 43 80 80 80
United Hearts Haiti
Address: 1106 26TH ST N
FARGO, ND 58102
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UHH is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by Rev. Paul & others focus on helping people in south Haiti toward education, ministry, and nutrition.

Business Phone Number:
(218) 233-7485
Vine Haiti Inc.
Address: 6806 Sullivans Ct
Fort Wayne, IN 46835 USA
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I (Julie) was sent to Port Au Prince, Haiti in 2011 to shoot photography and video for a missions trip. When I got there, I immediately fell in love with the country. But – I also fell in love with the trip leader/translator! Fanfan was the most inspiring man of God I had ever met. The way he loved everyone: the trip members, the people he worked with, the orphans, the widows, the sick, the elderly and especially God, was almost hard to believe. But….then I heard him pray. And later, after I caught a glimpse of him in the corner of a room, praying for a little girl with HIV, I said “God, I want to marry that guy”. Little did I know that after Fanfan and I had spent 3 days together, he also prayed for me saying, “God, I wish that you could give me that girl.” God put us on each other’s hearts and we knew there was something special about one another.

Being born and raised in Port au Prince, Fanfan has seen poverty at it’s worst. He has experienced severe need and suffered deeply, but never lost sight of his Creator and the promise for a “hope and a future”. (Jer 29:11).

As we got to know each other, we realized we had the same dreams for ministry: to start an organization that helped the Haitian people go forward. But above all, to share hope, love and compassion through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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