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Midwives for Haiti, Inc.
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We have a vision that all Haitian women will have access to prenatal care and deliver with the assistance of a Skilled Birth Attendant. Our Mission: Reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in Haiti by teaching midwifery skills. Enhance maternal health by providing regular prenatal and postnatal care, including preventative services by trained Skilled Birth Attendants. Provide safe, clean places for women to give birth. Incorporate care of the newborn infant, vaccines, dehydration treatment and prevention along with breastfeeding support with maternal care. Our Values: We strive to be in GENUINE PARTNERSHIP with those who share our vision. We deliver EDUCATION that enables critical thinking and competent autonomous practice. We embody the COMPASSIONATE SERVICE that is an essential characteristic of quality healthcare. We act with the BELIEF that change can occur, one person at a time, and through the efforts of small groups who believe it can. We practice PRAGMATIC SOLIDARITY by striving to find culturally and resource appropriate solutions to community-identified problems by means of respectful communication with the communities we serve.

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7130 Glen Forest Drive Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23226 USA