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Reflections on Kidnapping, Banditry, and Armed Violence in Haiti

Today’s first black republic faces a long history of terrorism, banditry, violence, and socio-political criminality. On October 17, 1806, less than three years after the declaration of national independence on January 1, 1804, the nation’s founding father, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, was assassinated. Jean-Jacques Dessalines’ great-grandson, Cincinnatus Leconte, was assassinated on August 8, 1912, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.…
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This Week’s Top Stories About Haiti

Hopes, fights, emancipation. Haitian daily life is rich in content. Some daily facts are closely linked to the history of the country and the people. These facts, these events, these stories, when you listen to them or when you overlook them, arouse in you a feeling that encourages you to hold the dragee high, not…
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