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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Nonprofit for 2023

The nonprofit sector plays a crucial role in tackling a vast array of social and economic challenges, from providing essential services to underprivileged communities to driving policy and lobbying initiatives on behalf of underrepresented groups. Nonprofit organizations are frequently at the vanguard of tackling important social and environmental issues, and they rely on various stakeholders…
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Beginning at the Beginning: Organizing Your Grant-Seeking Effort

To begin at the beginning will take us back to grant seeking. Most problems that occur in funded grant projects are best solved before you get the grant, and even before you apply for the grant. This takes us back to what happens before the application or proposal process. If your first thought is that…
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Steps To Achieve Higher Impact:A Common Sense Approach To Strategy

Strategy is no guarantee of impact. But without it, you are almost guaranteed to have no impact. –Paul Brest, President, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Steps Nonprofits Have to Consider for Effective Initiatives and Projects Defining, documenting, and diagnosing the problem Get the problem right! To have a better understanding of Haiti’s market, you…
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