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Top 10 Things to Understand About How Fundraising Really Works Today

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody in your organization agreed on what really works for fundraising success? What’s important? What’s not so important? What basic principles can you agree on? There’s often a philosophical disagreement inside many organizations about how fundraising really works. Board members, in particular, often have pre-conceived notions about fundraising that are…
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Code of Ethics

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Évaluation de l’état de Préparation du Conseil

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Ten Questions Every Nonprofit Board Member or Executive Needs to Answer Before Fundraising

A way to assess the costs of fundraising programs in comparison with the return that investment brings. In fundraising, it’s best to understand Numbers, details, and time. Here is a list of ten questions to help you start. Are you raising more money every year for basic operating support? For every nonprofit that is not…
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