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The Reality of Voluntourism and the Conversations We’re Not Having

A much-needed debate about voluntourism is taking off on the web. It includes voices from the industry, academics, travel professionals, and volunteers themselves. From “The White Tourist’s Burden” to “Lions, Zebras, and African Children,” at the heart of these stories is the notion of inexperienced volunteers who use their privilege to go abroad for their…
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Don’t Just Donate!

We’ve said it–don’t just donate, we’ve been preaching this for a while now and will continue to preach it. Sending barrels of clothes, school supplies, food, and more, is a form of dumping; by doing this, you are disrupting the local market and also running small businesses out of business, instead, partner up with local…
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Code of Ethics

French Version-CODE DE DÉONTOLOGIE Permission to reprint from AFP


  Kreyol translation 

Évaluation de l’état de Préparation du Conseil

Kreyol Transalation 

Developing a Successful Grant Proposal

Whether you are going to write a grant proposal for a government agency or a private funder, such as a foundation or corporation, the components of the proposal are quite similar. The amount of detail required may be considerably different, but the basic elements are generally the same. Most grantmakers have instructions on how you…
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State of Philanthropy in Haiti

Unfortunately, the lack of capacity evident in the Haitian nonprofit sector can be attributed to in part, the failure of international philanthropy to invest in building and maintaining local capacity and knowledge. This problem is compounded by the fact that the largest investments in the country are being made without significant local knowledge, advice, and support,…
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No Offense, But We Need A Plan B For Haiti: Failures Within The Social/Nonprofit Sector Need To Be Acknowledge

Being recognized as the Republic of NGOs, we, as nonprofits, fail to create sustainable projects to benefit the country. The norm of registration within the international community, including the Haitian diaspora, is to register their organization with their government as a 501(c)(3) organization or as an association or foundation in Europe. They are failing to…
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Effectiveness As Defined By Whom

What is effectiveness? As Herman and Renz have pointed out (2004, 1997), the concept of organizational effectiveness arises from a theoretical perspective which posits that formal organizations are created to achieve one or more consciously identified goals. Measures of effectiveness, therefore, seek to ascertain how well these goals have been achieved. There are several problems…
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