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IDB to invest $125 million to improve drinking water and sanitation services in Haiti

HAITI’S BIG NORTH REGION WILL BENEFIT FROM A NEW IDB PROJECT THAT WILL PROVIDE A DRINKING WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM AND BOOST SANITATION AND HYGIENE CONDITIONS   The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will provide $125 million grant for the water, sanitation and hygiene project in urban, peri-urban and rural areas in Haiti’s northernmost region. The project’s main…
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The Reality of Voluntourism and the Conversations We’re Not Having

A much-needed debate about voluntourism is taking off on the web. It includes voices from the industry, academics, travel professionals, and volunteers themselves. From “The White Tourist’s Burden” to “Lions, Zebras, and African Children,” at the heart of these stories is the notion of inexperienced volunteers who use their privilege to go abroad for their…
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Code of Ethics

French Version-CODE DE DÉONTOLOGIE Permission to reprint from AFP

Stewardship Assessment


  Kreyol translation 

Évaluation de l’état de Préparation du Conseil

Kreyol Transalation 

Effectiveness As Defined By Whom

What is effectiveness? As Herman and Renz have pointed out (2004, 1997), the concept of organizational effectiveness arises from a theoretical perspective which posits that formal organizations are created to achieve one or more consciously identified goals. Measures of effectiveness, therefore, seek to ascertain how well these goals have been achieved. There are several problems…
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Faith-Based Nonprofits Versus Haiti

Our mission is “to facilitate the intellectual, spiritual, and character development of Haitians who demonstrate leadership potential and to assist them in becoming self-supporting, responsible, community-minded members of their society.” –Haiti Share Inc.   “We promote the gospel of Jesus by encouraging Haitian children and adults to work with their local church body to help…
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Dancing Around Government Corruption Will Not Fix The Problems

When it comes to Haiti, we all need to change our mindset. Corruption is not Haiti’s only problem; however, government corruption should be acknowledged and be tackled. Modified on September 14, 1989, a time when Haiti was under the Human Rights Watch, the decree for nonprofit/non-governmental organizations passed. This act has many sections that are…
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Get Over It!

Eureka you’ve failed! The harsh reality of accountability. Are nonprofits operating in Haiti held accountable for their failures? According to Article 29 of the 1989 decree, “in case of violation of the Constitution or the provisions of this Decree, unjustified Business interruption for more than six (6) consecutive months of delay of up to one…
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