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Haiti Teen Challenge
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For generations, outside governments and thousands of organizations have tired and failed to heal this nation. There is urgency because what happens with this generation is critical.

Through Haiti Teen Challenge Haitians are working to repair the mistakes of the past, confronting the fatherlessness in Haiti, and creating servant leaders that rely on Christ to renew their families, communities and nation. Our local leadership, U.S. partners, and our Haiti Teen Challenge staff have formed a strong team that leans hard into decision to bring restoration THROUGH Haitians.

As Executive Director I am blessed to be in the front seat experiencing God at work. My call is to mentor and spur growth in young women and men through transformation in their relationship with God, restoration in their valued purpose, commitment to service to others and integrity in stewardship. My leadership continues to be God centered and understands my total dependence on him.

I assure you that strong governance, accountability good stewardship, collective prayer and hard work are a part of our DNA while we remain diligent in pursuit of our mission and vision.

Dr. Julio Volcy
Executive Director
Haiti Teen Challenge

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651.592.8774; 509.2940.0857
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740 East 24th Street
​Minneapolis, MN 55404

Défi Jeaunesse D’Haïti
108, Avenue Des Tourterelles
Delmas 75, Haïti
Honour Foundation for Haiti (Fonhoh)
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FONHOH a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization striving to promote and contribute to provide both access and quality education to children and teens living predominantly in remote rural areas of Haiti. Created in 2005 by Haitian and American educators in Massachusetts, FONHOH believes that education is the key to social development, a catalyst for success, and the plenitude of human dignity. Moreover, education access should not be a privilege, but one of basics human rights. In order to reach its goals, FONHOH seeks to work in collaboration with all sectors – government, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and individuals – so as to bring education to rural Haiti, create conditions to reduce rural exodus which has led to overcrowded schools and poor quality education in urban areas.

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