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Address: 124 Oban, route de Cyvadier(Jacmel)
Rue 3 (en face 23) Parc Industriel Shodecosa, Rte Ntle #1
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ACDI/VOCA is an economic development organization that fosters broad-based economic growth, raises living standards, and creates vibrant communities. Based in Washington, D.C., ACDI/VOCA has worked in 146 countries since 1963. Its expertise is in catalyzing investment, climate smart agriculture, empowerment & resilience, institutional strengthening, and market systems.
ACDI/VOCA / (pronounced A-C-D-I-Vōca) / n
1. The name ACDI/VOCA dates back to the 1997 merger of Agricultural Cooperative Development International and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance. Both were nonprofit international economic development organizations [founded by the U.S. cooperative community.] The merger achieved new economies of scale and blended the complementary strengths of ACDI’s long-term development approaches and VOCA’s people-to-people volunteer activities. 2. Now known by acronym only.

Founded in 1963
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Total revenues for ACDI/VOCA and Affiliates of approximately $143 million
45 active projects in 29 countries
~1,270 current employees:

U.S. – ~150
Overseas – ~1,120

200–300 short-term technical consulting assignments per year

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Address: 33 rue Godot de Mauroy (4,574.05 mi)
Paris, France 75 009
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ACTED is an association of French international solidarity which aims to support vulnerable populations around the world.

Since 1993, the international solidarity association ACTED has been responding to the humanitarian needs of populations in crisis situations and to respect for their dignity, while promoting and implementing opportunities for sustainable development by investing in the potential of the region. Man. Independent, private and non-profit, the NGO ACTED (statute association law 1901) works in the respect of a strict political and religious impartiality, according to the principles of non-discrimination and transparency, and the values of responsibility, impact, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. ACTED works to respond to emergencies and build resilience of people to crisis situations, promote inclusive and sustainable growth, and strengthen civil society, good governance and social cohesion. ACTED aims to support vulnerable populations around the world and to support them in building a better future by providing a response tailored to specific needs. Our teams help people affected by crises through a global and local approach, multidisciplinary and adapted to each context. By providing the link between Emergency, Rehabilitation and Development, ACTED’s teams guarantee the usefulness and sustainability of the interventions carried out in times of crisis, because only long-term support – staying on site after the emergency and in involving communities – helps break the cycle of poverty and support people on the road to sustainable development. ACTED is now present on 4 continents and our teams of 4,700 people are involved in 37 countries around the world to deal with emergencies, to support rehabilitation projects and support development dynamics. With its experience in close proximity to the situations and needs of vulnerable communities around the world, ACTED contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, advocating for an integrated approach, co-construction, and a global partnership. Associated with numerous French, European and international partners, ACTED is committed to promoting and developing innovative approaches and initiatives, humanitarian principles, new solidarities and convergences between private operators.

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+33 1 42 65 33 33
Acting for Life
40 Avenue de l’Europe
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Acting for Life France is an international solidarity organization set up in 1973 by company managers and directors in partnership with local organizations sharing the same view of a world where everyone has a place. Acting for Life promotes integral, responsible, sustainable, fraternal development.

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Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA
Address: 1 Whitehall St, New York, NY
New York, New York 10004
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Action Against Hunger fights hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations of war, conflict and natural disaster. To tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition and its effects, we use our expertise in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy. Integrating our programs with local and national structures helps ensure long-term sustainability.

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+1 (212) 967-7800
Action Aid
Address: 3, Rue Grandoit Delmas 75
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The activities of ActionAid in Haiti began in 1997. ActionAid Haiti supports poor people’s basic rights and needs, working at a practical level to improve access to basic services. We lobby the government and others for changes to the policies and practices that affect poor people’s lives.

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+509 2943 3846 and 2943 3847
Action Medeor e.V.
Address: action medeor e.V.
German Medical Aid Organization
St. Töniser Straße 21
47918 Tönisvorst, Germany
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Founded 1964, the charitable, non-governmental organization action medeor e.V. today is the largest medical aid organization in Europe.

Philosophy: low-cost medical aid
action medeor supports around 10.000 healthcare facilities in 140 countries all over the world. Medical facilities receive drugs as well as medical equipment and supplies either at cost price or as donations. By buying large quantities action medeor is able to offer high-quality products at low prices.

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+49 2156 9788-0
Agrisud International
Address: 48, Rue de la Sablière,
33500 Libourne

26, rue de Lille,
75007 Paris
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Fighting poverty through entrepreneurship

At Agrisud, we do not accept the idea that today almost one billion and a half of individuals are living in poverty and are often experiencing great difficulties to feed themselves daily.

It is well known in the South as in the North that poverty is caused especially by economic exclusion, which gradually leads to social exclusion. We are now convinced that one way of resolving this situation is to help those people back into the economy. How? By helping them become entrepreneurs

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+33 (0)5 57 25 17 06
Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF)
Address: 14, avenue Berthelot
Bâtiment F bis
69007 Lyon
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AVSF – Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières is an officially recognized non-profit association that works for international solidarity and that has been engaged in supporting smallholder farming since 1977.

VSF reaches out to smallholder communities threatened by exclusion and poverty, offering them professional skills in agriculture, livestock farming, and animal health. In this way, AVSF supports these communities as they strive to improve their standard of living, sustainably manage the natural resources upon which they depend, and contribute to the socio-economic development of their local area. AVSF helps them defend their rights and gain better recognition for the role they play in society.

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ALIMA / La Chaine de l’Espoir
Address: La Chaîne de l’Espoir
56-58 rue des Morillons 75015 Paris
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La Chaîne de l’Espoir is a French non-profit working with disadvantaged children. Since 1994, we have worked around the world to provide access to healthcare and education. Our organisation was founded by Professor Alain Deloche and is currently chaired by Dr Eric Cheysson.

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+33 1 44 12 66 66
America Continental 2000 / SAHDEV
Address: 4773 NW 116TH TERRACE
Coral Springs, FL 33076-2250
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The purpose for our corporation is to perform charitable activities within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) and the Chapter 496, F.S. Specifically, the corporation is organized to provide disaster relief and development assistance in the form of engineering and other technical consultings and assistance. Furthermore, helping by providing equipment and materials to carry out assistance, and other organizational and consulting services designed to assist local organizations and governments in preparing for and responding to all kinds of disasters caused by terrorism, environmental contamination oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis and water droughts.

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(954) 708-6653