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Dominican Republic Citizenship Crisis

Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti
Address: 1064 Premier St., Pgh. PA 15021
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To provide basic level human services such as education and healthcare.
To provide Preschool through Grade 13 education and health education.
To support volunteers through the maintenance of our residence/guesthouse in Thomassin.
To advance employment and self-sustainability through our Excelsior Technical Institute educational enterprise that trains Haitians to help rebuild their communities.
To assist our clinic and school staff in reducing illnesses, and in promoting the development of forums that provide public health education.

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Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
Address: 15 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
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We are a partnership of Haitian and US human rights advocates. We support the Haitian people in their struggle to achieve universal human rights, access to a just legal system, social justice, a society without violence, and the right to participate fully in choosing their government. Using models like the US civil rights movement, we are active in the courts, both in Haiti and internationally, in the streets and in poor neighborhoods. We work in partnership with grassroots movements, to transform the structural injustices that stand in the way of stability and prosperity for the majority of Haitians.

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(617) 652-0876