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Address: Baudin Haiti Fund, Inc.
530 W 37th Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
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We are an independent group of people who go to a community in the mountains of Haiti to provide dental care.  We have been going to Baudin for 13 years, have built a small, but very functional, dental clinic and have 3 trips per year in which we put together a group to go for 8 days and operate the clinic.

The groups consist of volunteers who pay their own expenses and the mission is sustained by contributions and financial backing from Dr. Dave Schubert.

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(630) 452-1425; (630) 430-3362
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Haiti Health Initiative (HHI) is a nonprofit organization focused on serving the public health needs of the rural Haitian people. HHI’s goal is to first uncover the root causes that contribute to reduced health in Haiti. HHI will then use that knowledge to work alongside the Haitian community and to implement sustainable water treatment projects, improve nutritional opportunities through agricultural expansion, and train local medical and dental providers to provide sustainable care for those in their communities. HHI’s philosophy in working with the Haitians is best summarized by Gordon B. Hinckley’s saying: “Bring all the good that you have and let us add to it.” HHI’s aim is to support current healthy living practices and to promote sustainable and culturally appropriate change by working side by side with local and international partners.

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Haiti Marycare Inc
Address: P.O. Box 185305
Hamden, CT 185305
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Haiti Marycare (HM,Inc) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in the early 1990s by Tom and Mary Lou Larkin, Rev. Joseph Dorcin and Sherman Malone. Sherman, a social worker with experience in Haiti first invited Mary Lou to accompany her on a humanitarian visit to Jacquesyl, in the northeast corridor of the island.

Mary Lou was appalled to discover that women in Haiti were delivering babies at home on dirt floors and machetes were being used to cut umbilical cords. As a result, there was a high rate of infant mortality and maternal deaths related to infections from childbirth.

That moment inspired Mary Lou to make a difference. She returned to Connecticut, consulted with medical colleagues and devised simple, hygienic birthing kits in Ziplock bags to help pregnant women in Haiti. These kits consisted of a new razor blade, a piece of string to tie off the umbilical cord, a bar of soap, a cotton receiving blanket, alcohol swabs and a pair of gloves. Since the delivery of these kits to Jacquesyl, starting in 1999, there have been no deaths related to childbirth. Over the years, the kits have developed and now include an eco-friendly, Haitian-made re-reusable diaper.

Today, HMI supports healthcare, community and education in the towns of Jacquesyl, a small fishing community, and Pilette in the foothills of the mountains. Neither communities had access to healthcare or education before Haiti Marycare was founded in 2001.

Child & Family Health

Our healthcare services focus on prenatal and childcare, prevention and treatment of infectious disease, including HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis, water born diseases such as thyroid, cholera and malaria.


We support a preschool – through 7th grade education for all children. Education is free through generous sponsorships from the U.S.A. Our school enrolls children from the poorest of families in the town, giving them access to free education no matter their gender, economic ability to pay or religious affiliation.

Community Development

We promote quality of life by providing clean drinking water, encouraging ecological preservation of land and sea, and supporting improvements to subsistence farming and fishing.

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914 498 0455
Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Inc. (HMMW)
Address: 125 15TH AVENUE, BARABOO, WISCONSIN 53913
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Our commitment to improving the health of the people of Thiotte, in southeast Haiti, began in 1997 with a small group of care providers led by Dr. Maureen Murphy. Since then, HMMW has made over 75 trips to Thiotte. Volunteer teams of 8 – 12 healthcare professionals and non-medical volunteers provide general and specialized medical care and surgery to the area’s 160,000+ people.

In 2001, HMMW built and furnished a medical clinic, Centre de Santé Sacré-Cœur de Thiotte (CSST), and began treating patients there in 2002. HMMW’s presence in Thiotte and our ability to facilitate relationships between the local Haitian people and other US and international organizations interested in providing assistance to Haiti, has resulted in the people of Thiotte receiving considerably more assistance than our organization could have provided alone. Now, Thiotte also possesses a hospital and continuous medical care is available through Centre de Santé Sacré-Cœur de Thiotte (CSST). With support from HMMW, the clinic and hospital together currently employ a staff of approximately 18 Haitians, including: a family practice physician, nurses, community healthcare workers, a lab and eye technician, clinic administrator and support assistants.

Current Efforts

Each year we will provide care through one vision screening, lens distribution and eye surgery mission team, one dental team and two general surgery and medical teams. HMMW also contributes significant funds toward Centre de Santé Sacré-Cœur de Thiotte (CSST) lead medical staff salaries and works to facilitate relationships that contribute to CSST improving and expanding medical care for people living in and around Thiotte, in Haiti’s South East Department.
HMMW volunteer medical mission teams complement the fine care provided in our absence by Dr. Jean Judeson and the CSST staff. Our eye health team, partners with Dr. Reynold Monsanto, Dr. Frantz Large, and the Haitian Society of Ophthalmology to provide sight-saving care.

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Mission Haiti Medical (MHM)
Address: 931 FENWAY CT
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In 1998, Mission Haiti Medical (MHM) was formed to organize and promote ministry involvement from the Midwest in the United States to the area of Arcahaie, Haiti. Started by Dr. Mark Fulton and wife Kathy, MHM is now governed by a 10-member board based in central Indiana and 16-member medical advisory committee, from around the U.S., consisting of doctors, nurses, surgeons, pastors, therapists, and business professionals.

Mission Haiti Medical primarily oversees the operation of an outpatient clinic started in 2005, in Saintard, Haiti in cooperation with the Clinic Director, Pastor Jean Marie. Pastor Jean Marie’s congregation, L’Eglise de Dieu Reformee, raised the initial funds to build the clinic after discerning the need for a medical facility in the area. Since, its humble beginnings, over 100,000 unique patients have received healthcare, and each of those Haitians have been prayed with and for during their time at the clinic. The clinic provides healthcare services to Haitians through a medical clinic, dentistry clinic, eye clinic, two operating rooms, pharmacy, lab and a prosthetics unit. MHM employs Haitian staff, doctors and nurses to run the clinic 5 days a week, and is praying to raise funds to turn the facility into a 24-hour, licensed hospital serving more people in the Arcahaie area and beyond. MHM’s ultimate goal is to build up the clinic to be a self-sustaining Haitian hospital approximating U.S. standards of care.

Another component of the ministry is supply shipping. Supplies which are unable to be purchased in Haiti, due to cost or lack of availability, and donations are shipped from the United States to the Saintard clinic approximately every six months in semi-trailers. This ministry arm of MHM offers a tangible way for Americans to help serve Haiti by organizing and packing supplies in Anderson, Indiana, transporting the trailers to Florida, and then shipping the supplies to Haiti. However, MHM purchases supplies in Haiti and hires Haitians, whenever possible, to help sustain and support their economy and the people who live there.

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St. Boniface Haiti Foundation Inc
Address: St. Boniface Haiti Foundation
383 Elliot St., Door G, Suite 100
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
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The St. Boniface Haiti Foundation is dedicated to providing essential health services to the people of Southern Haiti, especially the most vulnerable. We are committed to building a comprehensive, efficient, and resilient health system that provides high quality care. We believe that ensuring access to life-saving and life-changing health services is a critical component to building strong and productive communities.

Working in partnership with local communities, we will transform Haiti’s southern peninsula by ensuring that all people, regardless of their ability to pay, have access to high-quality, compassionate health care. By improving health, we will reduce unnecessary suffering and improve the standard of living for the entire region. SBHF’s success will prove that quality health care can be a sustainable reality in Haiti, and will offer a model for health care systems in resource-poor settings around the world.

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