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Haiti College Scholarship Fund
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Our mission is to help end poverty in Haïti by funding post-secondary education through fully subsidized scholarships to universities in Haïti.

Haïti College Fund (HCF) was established in 2005 to overcome the never-ending cycle of poverty and premature death in Haïti by addressing a core problem: lack of access to higher education.

A university education in Haïti serves two important outcomes.
✦ Ending dependency with its own indigenous class of professionals: Haïti will become less reliant on outside expertise to solve its many problems.
✦ Encouraging community development through application of acquired skills: HCF graduates will promote economic development and effect long-lasting improvements.
Students who are recipients of financial assistance from HCF are selected based on merit and need. Additionally, HCF provides scholarship applicants with a template for creating a business plan (updated annually) wherein they outline how they will use their education to provide for themselves and their local communities after graduation.

To date, HCF has supported eight students who have completed their university educations—three physicians, a nurse, an agronomist, a financial accountant, a veterinarian, and a business major who is operating a secondary school. In addition, two more students are in school now studying civil engineering and computer science. A better future for Haïti is already happening today.

HCF is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Although HCF pays some administrative expenses, the vast preponderance of the moneys we collect goes directly to benefit our scholarship recipients. They pledge to return to their home communities after graduation to apply their newfound skills and support development at the local level.

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PO Box 86
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