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Just Haiti Inc
Address: 327 10th Street S.E. #7
Washington, DC 20003 USA
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Just Haiti works with subsistence coffee growers in Haiti to bring their fair trade, shade grown, chemical free coffee to US consumers.

Through our fair trade-plus model of doing business, Just Haiti aims to build an equitable and fair partnership between coffee consumers in the United States and coffee growers in Haiti. Our goals are for the growers to not only grow high-quality coffee but also to own and profit from all post-harvest operations required to export and sell their coffee. The growers in Haiti receive the full value of their labor, and consumers in the US purchase high-quality coffee at a fair price, knowing that the Haitian families who produce the coffee are earning a just wage.

Just Haiti works with the most vulnerable and economically at-risk communities, who would not otherwise have access to our technical assistance and market development. Just Haiti pays the fair trade price up front, without any reductions, then exports, roasts, packages, and sells the coffee in the United States. Afterward, all profits go directly to the growers and their families.

Our mission includes protecting Haiti’s fragile environment, and using environmentally sustainable packaging in the US. Our coffee is shade grown and produced without chemicals. Our packaging is compostable and made of recycled materials.

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Technoserve, Inc
Address: 1120 19th Street NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
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Our origin traces back to the village of Adidome, Ghana. In 1963, our founder Ed Bullard traveled there with his family for a year of volunteer service.
Ed was captivated by the spirit and character of the Ghanaian people. But he was appalled by the depth of poverty that surrounded him. A businessman, Ed understood that the contrast between this poverty and his own prosperity came not from any innate difference between himself and a poor Ghanaian farmer.

Instead, the people he saw struggled because they lacked the knowledge, skills and tools needed to lift themselves out of poverty. So in 1968, Ed launched TechnoServe – short for “technology in the service of mankind.” He envisioned TechnoServe as a different type of nonprofit, one that would help poor people by connecting them to information and market opportunities.

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+1 202 785 4515