Together for Haiti

Together for Haiti
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For the last twenty-two years, Pastor JeanAlix Paul has led Institution Esprit de Vérité (Spirit of Truth Ministries). In that time, Spirit of Truth has started 10 churches, 4 schools, and 3 children’s homes. JeanAlix has worked tirelessly to care for the needs of the Haitian people. Through partnerships with several US-based organizations, churches, and individuals, JeanAlix has ministered to and served hundreds of children and adults all across Haiti. Over the last several years, JeanAlix has felt led to invest more time, energy, and effort into development projects that help provide the opportunities for Haitian families and communities to see vast improvement in their standard of living. Through one of the US-based partnerships, JeanAlix began working with Danny Davis. Over the last seven years, as JeanAlix and Danny developed a deep friendship and mutual respect for one another. Through many conversations, they quickly realized that they had a shared heart and vision for the direction the work in Haiti needed to take. Over the last two years, JeanAlix and Danny have been dreaming and thinking about the possibilities this new direction might take them. Through two meetings and conversations during the Summer and Fall of 2015, a new plan began to take shape and the idea for TOGETHER FOR HAITI was born.

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