Real Hope for Haiti

Real Hope for Haiti
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The Zachary family has served as missionaries in the country of Haiti since 1994. Their activities consisted of typical missionary projects such as religious teaching, church building, and aid for the poor, plus general community help activities, such as road building, well drilling, and distributing food to several feeding programs for children.When the Zachary’s moved to Haiti, they first sold their home, farm, equipment, vehicles, furniture, and other household belongings to support themselves in their missionary endeavors along with help from their home church, Greenbriar Community Church of Anderson, IN. However, in the fall of 1997, they became a sponsored project of Grace International World Outreach, a non-profit corporation located in Laurel, MS.Since 1997, the mission projects have grown and become focused on a particularly impoverished part of Haiti, a rural village called Cazale. There the mission has formed a medical clinic as well as a rescue center for children with life-threatening conditions, such as kwashiorkor, severe malnutrition, and third-degree burns.
In 2006 the founders of Grace International World Outreach decided to personally serve as missionaries in the Philippines. Consequently, in September 2006, the Zachary family, with the help and encouragement of Greenbriar Community Church, formed their own 501c-3 non-profit organization to operate the Haiti mission under the title Real Hope for Haiti, a non-profit corporation registered in Indiana.

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