Architectes de l’Urgence

Architectes de l’Urgence
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Emergency Architects:
Building Walls for Rebuilding Lives!
The need for a roof and deliver as quickly as possible in operation care centers, schools and public buildings are of absolute importance after a disaster.

Since 2001, through its action programs around the world the Emergency Architects Foundation (UAF) has demonstrated that assistance to people in distress can not be limited only to providing food and care: rebuilding lives broken, but also allow the poor to find decent living conditions as soon as possible.

Its purpose is to provide advice and assistance to populations affected by natural disasters, technological or human, and more generally, in this context, to provide assistance to anyone in a state of physical or mental distress in France and abroad. It also participates in discussions conducted after any disaster, and can, by his interest in cultural heritage, intervene under heritage protection missions.
Representations of Emergency Architects in Canada (Montreal) and Switzerland (Geneva) were created to extend the action network.

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