Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti Inc

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The humanitarian aid programs established by GSF and our mission are very closely aligned - all serve the same purpose of community development. Each element of our work feeds into and from each other element - whether it’s childhood nutrition, primary education, further education grants, agricultural extension, marketable skills, small business loans, women’s services or transportation.
For instance our sailing boat, Fu Fei, is part of the microcredit small business loans, serves to transport the food supplies for the school, plus building materials, provides 4 jobs, reduces the cost of running the school, and saves fuel!
The school meals feed the children and vulnerable people in the village, assisted by the egg and vegetable programs from the agriculture service. Better nutrition then improves children’s school results. This impacts the health of the whole village. The teachers’ salaries return directly into the community, as do the microloan repayments enabling over 300 small businesses to date. Scholarships help teenagers finish grade school and attend trade schools or universities, bringing skilled workers and teachers back to the community when qualified.

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+509 34 07 7320
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