Help for Haiti, Inc.

Help for Haiti, Inc.
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Help for Haiti, Inc., is a small group of loving individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of desperate people. up came together under the leadership of Mr. Johnny Jones for one common goal; “to help the people of Haiti”. The group made up of people from diverse professions and backgrounds. There are educators, entrepreneurs, physicians, medical professionals, state employees, financial strategist, high school and college students.

Most of the group was just meeting each other for the first time while others shared some years of acquaintance through St. Monica Catholic Church. During our first mission, all came as a family looking out for one another and ministering to the needy people of Kobonal Haiti Mission.

We experienced a wonderful success story, in Kobonal, however, we realize the hard work and dedication it has taken to build this mission and minister to the people the way it does. We do recognize that every available resource is needed to keep this good work going strong. More people and donations will result in more Haitians being helped.

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PO BOX 38436