Feed One Haiti

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his is a leadership program where the core system will be culturally reinforced by the Haitian community. We are offering support to the leaders of the community, partnering with them, NOT imparting our traditions and ways. It is based on love by one more fruitful village listening, sharing and loving another, with an ocean in between. All financial information will be available to the sponsor quarterly. All services on the US side are donated with no overhead. All business trips to Haiti are personally paid, not out of sponsorship money. Every penny goes to purchase rice and beans, the gasoline getting it to the village (by motorcycle), cooking utensils needed (opening cans of fish is NOT easy with a knife and stick…trust me), child’s school tuition, uniforms (required in schools), and paper/book supplies.

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1495 NW 4th St., Gresham, Oregon 97030