Emerging Trends Social Innovation

“Globalization has transformed the economic and social landscape. Corporations have grown vastly both in number and size, commanding resources on a level sometimes higher than that of national governments. Governments responding to the economic challenges posed by globalization have moved from a focus on social welfare and provision of social services with an emphasis on fiscal prudence and economic competitiveness. As the state retracted, business, either by default or by its own initiative, became more influential over economies, cultures, social values, and civic life. The information technology revolution created vast new opportunities for creating economic value as well as organizing people, ideas, and action. At the same time, the number and effectiveness of the civil society actors have mushroomed globally. In the midst of these changes, there has been enormous experimentation and interest among companies, foundations, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, social investors, and governments to test new ways to harness the market and private enterprise to address deep-seated societal problems. We will provide a broad overview of new approaches to social innovation and social investment.” 

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