Utilize This Nonprofit Calendar for 2023 to Plan Your Content Strategy Regarding Haiti

Utilize This Nonprofit Calendar for 2023 to Plan Your Content Strategy Regarding Haiti

Time is always of the essence while working for a small or medium-sized nonprofit. And if you’re in charge of content generation for your charity organization’s website, you know how time-consuming that can be.

This is why preparation is essential: With a solid content strategy in place, you can get more done in less time without sacrificing the quality of the information your nonprofit produces. When you have a solid content plan, you can avoid the stress of coming up with messages that don’t further your nonprofit’s mission.

The 2023 Nonprofit Calendar in the Context of Haiti that we’ve built for you is available as a PDF download or as an add-on to your existing calendar. It is intended to serve as a planning tool for your content strategy.

Strategy-Based Content Creation: A Better Way to Go

If you want to save time and effort while keeping your funders, volunteers, and supporters interested in your nonprofit’s goal, create a robust but adaptable content plan. There are primarily five advantages to content planning, and they are as follows:

  • It’s more efficient.

The process of creating ideas for content and creating that content takes a lot of time. Time is needed even for a brief Facebook post about your nonprofit. However, waiting until the last minute to create content is a proven way to increase the amount of time it takes. By making a content plan to break the process into more manageable chunks, you can avoid the stress of producing all of your emails, social media postings, and fundraising videos in one or two frantic days.

  • It aids in avoiding staff exhaustion at nonprofits.

Everything we said before regarding the time drain of last-minute content creation may be applied to burnout. Demands for last-minute content creation exacerbate worker burnout and performance decline. You may encourage professional development and retention by offering employees fair, extended content creation, editing, and publishing deadlines. You’ll need a strategy to accomplish this.

  • There is less of a chance of forgetting pivotal events.

The worst thing that can happen to a nonprofit’s marketing team is for them to walk up to work one day and realize that today is a significant cause day for their organization. They completely missed it, or you are running everything and have too much on your plate and stretched yourself thin. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget cause days or other key anniversaries related to your nonprofit, given the massive workloads and constant pace of a vibrant nonprofit workplace. This marketer’s worst fear can be avoided with a well-thought-out content strategy, especially if you make use of a calendar.

  • It guarantees business as usual, even in the most catastrophic situations.

A content strategy acts as a contingency plan. Having a plan in place ensures that the rest of the team can step in and take charge of content if the person in charge of it is suddenly absent or goes on medical leave. That staff would be in disarray if they had a roadmap outlining what material should be created, when, and for which channel. The difference between internal chaos and a smooth transfer may be as easy as creating a spreadsheet.

  • It improves both the content and the donor experience.

Content created on a realistic schedule and with time for numerous drafts and modifications with feedback from multiple staff members is more likely effective than content created on the fly. For starters, there will be a lot more uniformity in this material. Donors will be able to relate more easily to your organization’s work and mission if the voice, tone, and messaging are consistent across channels and mediums. Creating a content strategy that allows you to speak with one consistent message is crucial to foster a healthy relationship with your donors.

Get organized for 2023 with our Nonprofit Calendar for content planning in the relevance of Haiti! From key dates and events to holiday themes and fundraising campaigns, this calendar will help you stay on track and plan your content strategy for the year ahead. 

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