13 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if They Love Haiti

13 Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if They Love Haiti

If your boss loves Haiti, they will appreciate any gift inspired by its culture or history. Here is a list of 13 items we believe anyone would love. 

Congratulations if your boss loves a great bag or anything that is leather. Your support for Deux Mains helps ensure that the people of Haiti have access to sustainable income, medical care, and quality education. A solar-powered, female-owned manufacturing facility is your top choice. You opt for reusing and recycling resources, using time-honored techniques, and thinking in terms of a closed loop. Good-for-the-world clothing is what you wear. You can also support the work of Haiti Made, which is united around excellent products, respectable jobs, and economic sustainability to break the poverty cycle in Haiti and join the battle against the orphan and child trafficking crisis. And Haiti Design Co was founded in 2014 to facilitate sustainable development by means of designs, training, and creation of new jobs; around their workshop, “MEN ANPIL, CHAY PA LOU” is a common refrain. Many hands make the load light; this is an old adage in Haitian. They have faith that the designer, manufacturer, and consumer all have common ground and that by cooperating, they may ease one another’s burdens and make an everlasting positive impact.

Picture credit @deuxmainsdesigns

Deux mains 

  • The Ideal Crossbody–Each handcrafted bag is manufactured in Haiti by their artisans using pre-existing materials of excellent quality, whether for everyday use or an elegant evening out.
  • The Mini Essential Bucket Bag –With a strong leather cage and a buttery soft drawstring, the wovens leather’s nice slouch is balanced by the appropriate rigidity.

Haiti Made

  • Piti Slim Bel Tote–A new version of their classic Bel Tote that is slimmer and more stylish. In Haitian Creole, “piti” means “small.” The Piti Slim Bel Tote is meant to be your new; better everyday carry tote. It weighs 25% less than our classic Bel Tote. The Piti Slim Bel Tote is just as durable and almost the same size as our classic Bel Tote. It has enough room to carry everything you need, but it’s not as heavy. The new Piti Slim Bel Tote also has hand-stitched straps and a unique floating pocket design on the inside.

Haiti Design co

  • The Leather Scrunchie Bag–This homage to the ’80s Leather Scrunchie Bag is for the contemporary you who has always wanted to sport a fanny pack with big hair and a scrunchie.

If food is the gift they appreciate, we recommend getting some great items from Bonbon lakay or a box subscription from Taste of Haiti Box. 

Picture credit Bonbon Lakay Inc

Bonbon Lakay

  • Haitian Rum Cake-Regular Size: A traditional Haitian rum cake constructed with premium ingredients and drenched in rum syrup made using the country’s renowned Barbancourt Rhum, aged eight years.
  • Haitian Rum Cake Truffles: These truffles will make you appreciate the rum cake even more. In a bite-sized delight wrapped in white chocolate and rolled in cake crumbs with rum-soaked raisins in the middle, all the tastes of the rum cake have been condensed.
  • Tablet Noix-Cashew Brittle Box: A traditional Haitian snack. Tablet noix is a soft brittle made from caramelized, roasted cashews spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • Langue Boeuf-Sweet Crispy Pastry: Nothing commemorates an important event like language boeuf. Although the name means “cow tongue,” the flaky baked pastry has more in common with angel wings than the animal named after.
  • Duos Makos-Classic Vanilla & Chocolate Fudge-Box of 2: Traditional Haitian Fudge is a rich, creamy confection made with milk and vanilla. The recipe is credited to Belgian businessman Fernand Maco, who established himself in Haiti’s Petit-Govae in the 1930s. Numerous vendors and families have used the dous makos recipe since 1939.


Picture credit Taste Of Haiti Box

Taste of Haiti Box

  • The Independence Day Box–Flavored Mix Squash, Soup/soup joumou, Haitian Hot Chocolate, Hot Sauce, Ginger powder, turmeric powder, Honey, Cassava, and Cremas are just a few of the eight ingredients included in this cute package. Made with care and 100% in Haiti.

Who doesn’t love some bling-bling? They will surely love these thoughtful gifts handmade in Haiti, whether an earring, necklaces, or bracelets. From Atelier Calla to Viva Bella Jewelry, as well as some of the recommended lists above, include jewelry options. ​​Haitian jewelry is beautiful, unique, and full of meaning. It makes for a perfect gift for any occasion.

Petite Baguette Necklace by Atelier Calla: The Petite Baguette Necklace is here. The horn, bone, and wood goods made by the Haitian woman-owned artisan enterprise Atelier Calls are completely made in Haiti.

Picture credit Vi Bella

Vi Bella Jewelry: Fashionable jewelry and handcrafted purses, clutches, and wallets in vivid patterns are available from Vi Bella Jewelry, which is based in Haiti and Mexico. The organization’s purpose is to provide a way out of poverty by providing jobs, school sponsorships, after-school money, and support for orphanages in Haiti and Mexico.

What is a gift list without Rhum Barbancourt, the standard rum of Haiti? This is double-distilled in copper pot stills, premium dark rum of the highest quality. White oak barrels are used for the subsequent aging process—the standard drink for any true connoisseur of dark rum.

Picture credit Santé Magazine

These are just a few ideas to help you find the best first for your boss, who has a soft spot for Haiti. Of course, other gift recommendations could not be listed in this short article, but we trust that you would do your due diligence to find some fantastic items not listed here. 


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