Does Your Nonprofit Pass the Test? 7 Things You Can Improve on Today

Does Your Nonprofit Pass the Test? 7 Things You Can Improve on Today

2022, nonprofit organizations take stock and evaluate plans and goals for the year. How can local organizations maintain foundational goals while flourishing in this ever-changing landscape? 

Create a Sound Business Plan and Strategic Plan for Funding

Regular check-ins can provide needed opportunities to evaluate services, upcoming goals and to allocate funding carefully. The past couple of years has demonstrated the benefit of being able to pivot when necessary. Having a clear business plan along with a strategic funding plan can make these pivots much more seamless. This practice can help to solidify the foundational services of any international or grassroots organization while also highlighting the areas where changes can be made to better use funds or where new services must be provided as the framework for organizational change. The first quarter can serve as an opportune time to carefully consider business plans to provide a framework to build upon, and funding can be thoughtfully allocated.

Check-in with your Assets

Listening to employee and donor feedback remains a priority. These individuals hold essential information for your nonprofit organizations. Donors can help provide creative solutions or inspire organizations to serve a population in need while employees provide feedback on the offered procedures and services. There is a wealth of knowledge in these groups, and regular communication can bridge many gaps and shine a light on issues that need to be addressed. Communication is key. 

Consider your Market

While passion is integral, market research can be invaluable in showing you where your community needs lie and how you can best serve within the framework of your mission. Especially in this fluctuating environment, organizations must look at the ‘new normal’ for their consumers and meet them where they are. Services must be adjusted, and new solutions must be formed to fit into this new business landscape. 

Embrace Technology

Successful organizations must consider how technology can benefit your mission and how you can provide easy access to service information, donation opportunities, project marketing, and volunteer needs. Ease in access is essential in this market, and with the availability of the mobile market, this avenue must be utilized to best meet the consumer needs and ensure services offered are accessible. 

Remain Focused on your Mission

It is easy to get pulled in multiple directions within this constantly changing landscape and with new areas of needs always arising. Nonprofits are better served by focusing on refining services and processes within their own mission to avoid spreading resources too thin and getting caught up in services that do not align with their values and goals. Building community partnerships is a great solution to offering new services while also maintaining the unique services the organization is designed to address. 

Consider and Build Meaningful Relationships with Donors

Clear communication is vital to building these relationships. Donors need to know where funds are being utilized and where needs are still present. This helps nonprofits to provide programming where donors can achieve their funding goals while also serving the community. Show the data, share the plans, accept the feedback. This is how goals are achieved. 

Do not Neglect the Basics

Ensure that your organization’s website is clear and informative. Keep strict funding records and keep communication clear and transparent. Maintain focus on your specific mission and values while also evaluating the ongoing need for your services. Maintaining the basic framework for your nonprofit organization is essential amid the chaos. 

Nonprofit organizations are essential to communities and to many marginalized groups. With this growing need, nonprofits must stay aligned with their missions and be active in their communities to provide and gain needed information about those they wish to serve. 


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