15 Up & Coming Trends for Nonprofits

15 Up & Coming Trends for Nonprofits

After another unprecedented year, the top trends for nonprofit organizations going into 2022 focus on continued digitalization, inclusive practices, personalization, and using this unique market to reevaluate and get to the heart of things. It is nearing two years since organizations were all forced to shift how we work and function globally. These are the top trends for nonprofit organizations to follow to continue adapting, expanding, and thriving in 2022. 

Technology and digitalization have made business possible throughout the pandemic and will continue to be vital tools for connection and organization as well as general operation. Organizations will need to continue to engage on various social media platforms. Social media has become a place where stories and goals can be shared, along with promoting campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and reaching new supporters. Smartphones will also remain a fundamental tool. Making content mobile-friendly ensures that donations are made easy, volunteering is more accessible, and content can be engaged with for those needing services as well as for those that wish to support. Additionally, using text messaging to reach supporters can be an easy and convenient route for promotional updates and to inform about outreach campaigns. Capitalizing on the use of video marketing for fundraising is a great way to expand reach and bring a personalized element to community outreach and engagement. This also gives organizations a chance to tell success stories and show their community the work that is being done. When working remotely has become an accepted reality, remote collaboration and video conferencing is certain to grow, and innovative communication will continue to be necessary. This alternative allows for both expanded reach and a convenient solution when necessary. 

Leadership and management have faced many changes and challenges and now require an approach that values inclusion and diversity, transparency, and leading with the heart. In 2022, inclusive and diverse leadership is a must. Organizations are taking this opportunity to reevaluate their leadership models and practices and finding to new ways of working that are inclusive and benefit those being served and those that feel called to serve. Transparency is essential to nonprofit organizations and will be key in obtaining and maintaining supporters in the coming year. Tracking and reporting data like volunteer impact can help secure funding and attract more donors and volunteers. Leadership also needs to focus on the mission. This is a perfect opportunity to shift perspectives, consider valuable feedback, and use everything that has been learned to create new and aligned goals that remain true to the heart of the organization’s mission. 

Fundraising is vital to success in the nonprofit sector. The coming year will require organizations to consider personalizing the donor experience. With all the options available, personalized communication and providing personal touches to stories and campaigns can make all the difference in connecting with the community. Loyal supporters are created through a personal connection. Being clear on how funds are directly helping to provide needed solutions is crucial, along with offering options in the giving process. Monthly donations and online fundraising will continue to be both necessary and provide supporters with vital information at their own convenience. If your nonprofit gets involved in disaster mitigation and relief, the recommendation is to shift the focus from short-term, reactionary giving toward a more sustainable, strategic giving plan to have the most impact. 

Another area greatly impacted by the pandemic is the way we volunteer. Virtual volunteers provide a considerate solution leading to the sustainability of many nonprofits. Continuing to leverage this assistance will be a huge benefit in the coming year. In addition, those who volunteer through a company program are more likely to continue to do so if they have a positive experience and feel connected to the cause. Continuing to build aligned corporate partnerships will help nonprofit organizations benefit from this expanding network. 

Over the last two years, the changes have forced many nonprofits to make significant adjustments in how they operate, from pausing operations entirely to shifting focus toward more essential practices. Still, these organizations remain community hubs. They connect businesses, donors, volunteers, employees, and those in need. In 2022, organizations must have the tools they need to develop, maintain, and manage these relationships successfully in this new landscape. Incorporating inclusive practices, using innovative technology, and maintaining transparency and a personalized approach will make all the difference. 


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