Celebrities and Haiti

Celebrities and Haiti

Food for thought, you may not want to hear this, but we need to re-evaluate celebrities on how they “help” Haiti.

With having a platform that allows an individual to connect with the world with a simple click is powerful, and that is precisely why we should re-evaluate when a celebrity wishes to “do good” for Haiti. Disaster/poverty capitalism is a thing, and unfortunately, some stars use this exact method to boost their popularity–fly down to Haiti to volunteer, to donate clothes, school supplies, food, or to show face.  We are not putting every celebrity in the same categories; however, they should take this time to evaluate their personal mission. Some genuinely love and wish to do good for the Haitian people, but they are unknowingly going about it the wrong way.

We are not calling any celebrity out. However, if you are guilty of doing this, we propose the next time you visit Haiti is as a tourist, without stopping at an orphanage or a school, just go as a tourist and see the country from the perspective of the locals then if you still wish to help Haiti, you should work closely with local organizations.  



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