Four Things to Offer Than Solutions

Four Things to Offer Than Solutions

Yes you could provide “solution” to this or that problem in the global South. But should that be your role? When building relationships and trust, what if instead you offered the space for four things to occur:

You create the space for safety and acceptance.

Whatever is going on in someone’s mind, whatever the circumstances, wherever they are at-good or bad-it’s okay. People can bring their whole self to the space between you, where nothing is at risk of rejection. They can reveal where they feel stuck. It’s important because without this, change isn’t possible.

You create the space for story.

We are always forming narratives, but it is only in sharing them that they gain and lose their power over us.

Your create the space for possibilities and expansion.

Sometimes, especially when struggling. It is hard to see the options in front of you. Doubt fades.

You create the space for collaboration.

Putting our skills and passions and having fun, sounds pretty great. It is. Our shared work is pretty much the same. It’s about planning, organizing, strategizing, responding-together.


Source:Lentfer, Jennifer.   Smart Risks: How small grants are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest problems


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