Types of Nonprofit Acronyms

Types of Nonprofit Acronyms

Acronyms for NGO Pretenders

  • BRINGO (Briefcase NGO) An NGO which is more than a briefcase carrying a well written proposal.
  • ComeN’GO (Come and go NGO) An NGO that appears spasmodically; only used the owners when the NGO pasture looks greener.
  • CONGO ( Commercial NGO) NGO set up by businesses in order to participate in bids, help win contracts, and reduce taxation.
  • CRINGO (Criminal NGO) Organization established for illegal purposes, especially import-export (i.e. smuggling); common in transition economies.
  • DONGO (Donor NGO) Created and owned by donors to do their job while shifting overhead costs outside.
  • FANGO (Fake NGO) NGO used as a front for something else.
  • CONGO (Government-Owned NGO) Type of GRINGO used to capture or redirect non-profit funds allocated by the official aid system.
  • GRINGO (Government-Run and Initiated NGO) Variation of a Quango, but with the function of countering the actions of real NGDOs(Non-governmental development organization).
  • MANGO (Mafia NGO) A criminal NGO providing services of the money laundering; enforcement and protection variety.
  • MONGO (My Own NGO) An NGO which is the personal property of an individual, often dominated by his or her ego.
  • NGI (Non-Governmental Individual) A person who operates as if he or she is an NGO but without an organizational affiliation.
  • PANGO ( Party NGO) An aspiring, defeated or banned political party or politician dressed as an NGO.
  • PHANGO (Phantom NGO) NGO existing only in the mind of the speaker; used to bolster an argument.
  • PONGO (Politician’s NGO) Established to capture or direct NGO funding to the home constituency as a defense against incursion by opponents.
  • QUANGO (Quasi NGO) Para-state body set up by government as an NGO, often to enable better conditions of service or create political distance.

Source: Striking a Balance: A Guide to Enhancing the Effectiveness of Non-Governmental Organisations in International Development 


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