Get Over It!

Get Over It!

Eureka you’ve failed!

The harsh reality of accountability.

Are nonprofits operating in Haiti held accountable for their failures?

According to Article 29 of the 1989 decree, “in case of violation of the Constitution or the provisions of this Decree, unjustified Business interruption for more than six (6) consecutive months of delay of up to one year startup programs and projects calculated from the date of publication of the Communiqué granting recognition, except in cases of force up to date proven participation in political, commercial activities and any other activities incompatible with the status of NGOs there shall be to withdraw recognition awarded to the offending Organization.” Chapter five continues to explain the obligations of NGOs once their status has been revoked. To have lost your status as an NGO means that you have failed the donors, board members/directors, and the community you were serving. No, you have not failed the government because you are not a government entity, they merely reprimand you for your actions. The government should not feel that you or your organization OWE THEM in any way, you are required to follow the laws of the land you operate in and are obligated by your actions to support ethics to protect and cultivate your community.

So where do you go from here, losing the status of your organization, being prohibited from operating or being in the country? The MPCE (Ministere de la Planification et Cooperation Externe)  has not specified on steps for when this happens, what will happen to the community that you have served? Who will take responsibility? They leave a gray area for disaster, so what can you do?

Yes, get over it. You’ve tried, and you’ve failed. Take responsibility and own up to it and put your truth out there.You may never want to be active in another nonprofit in Haiti again, but there are other options, create a (social) business, donate to active nonprofits, and fight for the revision of the 1989 decree.



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